Great news that you are reopening! But why Quarry Hollow Park? Why not a different place such as ...?

We have relocated temporarily to Quarry Hollow Park because it is the site that has been made available to us, after consultation with local residents and the Council. We also feel that it is most suitable because shoppers can make use of the plentiful cycle and car parking nearby. Additionally, at Quarry Hollow Park we will be able to keep the park's green spaces open for residents to use while the market is running.

If you are shielding (or just prefer shopping from home) you can still order from most of our traders online. 

How can I place an order? Does my favourite trader offer delivery service? How do I pay?

Details on ordering, delivery/collection services, and payment options are available following the links provided in the Trader Directory on our home page.

Can you pass along orders to my favourite traders please?

We are unable to accept or process orders on behalf of individual traders but you can find contact details, links to websites and Facebook, and ordering information on this website. We are working hard to add more information and updates regularly.

What steps are you taking to make sure that the market operates safely at Quarry Hollow Park?

Our updated risk assessment is available soon on this website.  Our volunteer stewards ensure social distancing is mantained and encourage mask waering. Please do drop us a line if you have questions or concerns at headingtonmarket@gmail.com.